Live In A Snowy Area? How Ice And Snow Damages Flat Roofs And Removal Tips

If you live in a snowy area one thing you must do is protect your flat roof from ice and snow. These two things can cause a lot of damage and result in expensive repairs. Before anything happens, below is information about how snow and ice can damage your roof, as well as tips to remove the ice and snow to keep your flat roof protected.

Damage Ice and Snow Will Cause

Even though flat roofs quickly shed water though the draining system, ice and snow can still cause problems. This happens if it is cold enough that the ice and snow does not melt. You may then have more snow storms that will cause ice and snow to accumulate on your roof making the problem worse. Two types of damage that you may find on your flat roof due these things include:

Sagging and Ponding

The snow and ice puts a lot of weight on your roof. This pressure may cause your roof to sag. If this happens, water will build up under the roofing structure. There will then be ponding water and the water can get through the attic. This water will damage any type of electrical wiring, duct systems, and more.

Freeze and Thaw Effect

You may have water on the roof from melted snow but then the temperatures quickly drops below the freezing mark. When this happens, the water will freeze again. This is know as freezing and thawing, which will cause your roof to expand. During the expansion water will get into crevices and cracks on the roof. As the freeze and thaw continues to happen it will cause even more damage.

Remove Snow and Ice

If there is not a lot of snow built up, you can try to use a broom that has a long handle to brush the snow off. You will have to climb up on a ladder so have someone with you to hold the ladder while you are climbing on it. Also make sure you wear non-slip shoes.

If there is a lot of ice on the roof hire a roofing contractor to help you. Once the roof is clear the roofing contractor can then inspect it for damage. If any is found, they will repair it for you

To prevent this problem from happening again the roofing contractor will de-ice the roof using a melting compound or salt. They spread this across the entire roof and may put more than one layer.

Because you live in a snowy area you may need to contact the roofing contractor throughout the season to reapply the de-ice material.

Talk with your roofing contractor about this information and they can give you many more details.  

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