The Easiest, Least Expensive, And Most Direct Route To A Leak-Free Lifetime Roof

The problem with roofs is that you have to replace them every twenty or thirty years. Since roofs are one of the most expensive things on a home that you will ever have to replace, it tends to get a little annoying when you choose to reside in the same home for most of your life. That does not even account for leaks and roof repairs either. If you have had enough, here is the easiest, least expensive, and most direct route to a leak-free roof that lasts a lifetime and typically does not need to be replaced for fifty years or more.

Easiest Roof "Replacement"

After you have met with a contractor like those from Shamrock Roofing Services and gotten a quote for metal roofing, be sure to ask for "roof over roof" installation. This is where the roofing contractor's crew installs a metal roof over the top of your existing asphalt shingle roof. This is far and away the easiest roof "replacement" that you can get because nothing is torn off, nothing really needs a dumpster to dispose of roofing tear-offs, and the metal roof is secured to the old roof. This will make the job easier on you as the homeowner and it should get done faster as well.

Least Expensive

Well, no, the metal roof is not the least expensive roofing material. However, given the longevity of this roofing material, it eventually pays for itself, and then some, because you will not have to pay for another roof replacement in your lifetime (so long as you live in the same house). What is least expensive is installing the metal roof over the top of the existing asphalt shingle roof. Since there is no tear-off work to be done, you easily cut the labor time and cost in half. Labor is always the most expensive aspect to any job involving a contractor, so that is where you can save a big chunk of money.

Most Direct Route

Once you install a metal roof over your existing roof, you will never have another leaking roof problem again. It is not even necessary to make repairs to your existing roof, since your contractor's crew will just cover the existing roof with a rubber waterproof underlayment prior to attaching the metal roof. If you have any interior water damage from the leaking roof, you can just scrape, patch, and plaster these areas over and everything will be nice and dry again.    

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I have a lot of trees that hang over the roof of my home. I had done a lot of reading that told me that those trees would shorten the lifespan of the roofing shingles, but I wasn't about to cut down the big trees that are a highlight of my property. Instead, I waited until the roofing needed to be replaced and I replaced it with a more durable option - metal roofing. Now, I know that the trees can stay where they are and that the roofing will remain in good condition as long as I do a little maintenance work every now and then. Find out what you need to do to sustain a metal roof under trees.