Do You Have Termites And Roofing Problems? Take Action And Protect Your Home Now

If you have found termites throughout the house and the pest control professionals think that you could have a serious problem brewing under the roof, you want to call a roofing contractor. If you know that there are damages and you are afraid that water and deterioration are going to be severe problems, you want to get things repaired before you have even more damage inside your property. Talk with the roofing contractors about the following things to fix the issues and prevent these problems in the future.

Termite Treatment and Prevention

You first need to have the termites treated so that they don't destroy the new wood or repairs that are completed. Have the pest experts come in, and ask the roofing contractors if they have their own termite treatment they like apply to the roof, or ways to inspect to make sure that all of the termites have been removed from the property. They can then help you with preventing termites from returning to the property.

Wood Replacement and Wrap Seal

All of the wood that was damaged has to be replaced. Once all of the old wood is removed and then the new wood is installed, you want to have a layer of plastic or vinyl sealant wrapped around the new wood. This provides protection from a variety of things, such as water and weathering, but also pests like termites or wood ants.

New Foam Insulation Installation

Next, new foal insulation should be placed directly under the roof. This will protect the roof from insects that may get in through the house and want to make their way up to the attic or into the wood that is the structure of the roof. This insulation also improves heating and cooling efficiency, acts as a barrier against condensation and moisture to prevent ice dams, and more.

There are a lot of concerns that you could have for the home if termites are a problem, but if you have found that termites have reached the roof of your property, you want to take action fast. The roof is protecting your home from many different types of damages, and it's important for you to get it inspected so that you know the termites haven't compromised the roof of the safety of the structure of the property. Once the roof has been improved and repaired, you don't have to stress about roofing problems.

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