2 Roofing Options That Are Ideal For Hot Climates

One of the hardest parts about deciding to build a new roof on your home is actually figuring out which type of material to use, mostly because there are a massive number of different roofing materials out there that can each provide their own set of benefits. For example, there are materials out there that offer a number of environmental benefits to materials that can provide substantial benefits in particular climates. Listed below are two roofing options that are ideal for hot climates.


One of the best roofing options to consider if you live in a hot climate is copper, mostly because of the fact that copper has a very reflective surface. This means that when sunlight strikes a copper roof, most of the sunlight is reflected away from the home.

With many other types of roofing materials, the sunlight is instead absorbed into the roofing materials and leads to heat seeping into the home. This results in you having to keep your air conditioner on for longer periods of time in order to try to counteract the extra heat.

Another reason that copper is ideal for hot climates, particularly hot and dry climates, is the fact that copper is not flammable. This means that, if a fire were to break out in your neighborhood or in the surrounding wilderness, that fire would not be able to ignite the roof of your home due to sparks and embers jumping from nearby trees or other homes that may be on fire. This is especially useful when you consider that many neighborhood fires will actually spread from rooftop to rooftop.

Ceramic Tile

Another roofing option to consider if you live in a hot climate is ceramic tile. One of the reasons that ceramic tile is so very useful in the event that you live in a hot area is the fact that it can provide extra insulation that will help keep your home cool. The extra insulation is a result of the fact that air is allowed to flow both over the top and underneath the ceramic tile due to the shape of the tiles.

This provides a buffer that will prevent heat from soaking through the tiles and into your home, which means that you will actually be able to keep your home cooler throughout the summer. As a result, you will not have to use your air conditioner as often, which will lead to you being able to save a substantial amount of money on your utility bills throughout the hot summer months.

Contact a roofer in your area today in order to discuss what type of roof he or she would recommend for a hot climate and your budget. Copper and ceramic tile are two of the available roofing options that happen to be ideal for hot climates. Contact a company like MW Roofing LLC to learn more.

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