Tips For Washing Roofing Tiles

If you have roofing tiles on your home, using a pressure washer on them will help remove all of the moss, mildew, and dirt that has collected on the surface since their last cleaning. If you've never cleaned roofing tiles with a pressure washer before, you may need some help figuring out how to do it. These tips will help make it easier for you.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Since your slanted roof will be wet, it is important that you are wearing appropriate footwear while cleaning it. You'll want to wear boots that will give you a lot of traction, which will help prevent you from potentially slipping on the wet surface.

Use Planks To Spread Out Weight

The key to not breaking roofing tiles is to distribute your weight across multiple tiles. You can do this by using wood planks that you lay across several tiles. Instead of having your entire weight on the individual tiles that you are standing on, it will be spread across multiple tiles and make them less likely to break. If you are worried about causing damage to the tiles, even with the plank, place foam insulation boards on the bottom side of the plank to add additional protection.

Cover Your Nearby Flowers and Bushes

Many people make the mistake of not thinking about the ground surrounding their home. If you have many plants, flowers, or bushes that border your home, you need to be concerned about your cleaning solution running off the roof and onto these things. The best thing you can do is cover them using a tarp. If cleaning solution does fall onto the tarp, it will roll right off the tarp and go into the surrounding area. When finished with the cleaning job, spray down the soil to help dilute any cleaning solution on the ground.

Buff The Tiles

When you're done cleaning the roofing tiles, they may look chalky or dry in spots. This is completely normal, but they look this way because you missed a key step. The roofing riles need to be buffed after you clean them. You can do this using a clean cloth to wipe away crystalline deposits that have collected on the surface.

Does all of this seem like too much work for you, or too dangerous to be doing on your own? Contact a roofing contractor at a company like Empire Roofing in your area that can help with cleaning your roofing tiles for you.

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