Doing Your Own Roof Work? ­3 Pieces Of Roofing Equipment You Should Have To Stay Safe

If you are looking to save some money by doing roof repair on your own, be aware that you should not cut corners when you are purchasing the equipment that you need.  It may be tempting to just go on your roof without all the right tools, but they can make the repair job easier and potentially save your life in the process.  Here are 3 things you should never work without on your roof.

Safety Harness

The biggest risk you take when working on a roof is the possibility that you fall off it.  It does not matter how tall the roof is, a wrong step can lead to a horrible fall that can potentially be fatal. That is why you must have a safety harness when doing any roof work.

A safety harness works by attaching to the peak of your roof where a stake can be installed that holds your weight.  It also can be attached to a chimney.  Since safety harnesses can be different, be sure to read all instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

Safety Glasses

You should never skip out on having safety glasses on hand when performing roof work.  Even basic safety glasses are affordable and comfortable to wear.  The purpose is to keep things out of your eyes when performing roof work, such as ripping old shingles off a roof and dealing with the debris that comes off in the process.  This includes splinters, nails, and small pieces of shingles that break off unexpectedly. 

In addition to protecting your eyes, safety glasses can help with your recovery time. If you are hit in your face with something, an impact happening to your eye is a big shock.  It can potentially startle someone and cause them to fall off the roof.

Roof Steps

On very steep roofs, you'll need all the extra leverage you can get, which his why roof steps are able to add some much needed safety.  They attach to your roof temporarily, and have a surface that you can put weight on to rest easily.  These steps are simple to move, so you do not need to purchase a lot of them. 

If using all these tools to stay safe seems daunting to you, then DIY roof repair may not be best for you. Consider hiring a professional roofing company in the area to take on the risks and perform the work. Contact a business that offers roofing services for more information. 

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