2 Tips For Repairing Small Holes In Your Home's Vinyl Siding After A Hail Storm

After a hail storm hits your area, you may discover that you have small holes in your home's vinyl siding. Since leaving these holes could allow water to seep in behind the siding and damage the infrastructure of your house, you may decide to try to seal them with caulk. If so, use the following two tips to increase your chances of a successful repair job.

Thoroughly Clean The Area Around Each Hole

Before you begin, thoroughly clean the area around each hole to ensure the surface is free from dirt, dust, and grime. This gives the caulk a clean surface to adhere to. If this is not done, the caulk may come apart, exposing the hole to moisture.

To clean the area, mix a small drop of grease-cutting dish detergent in a gallon of water. Using a lint-free rag, such as a cloth diaper or mechanic's cloth, wipe a one- to two-inch area around the hole. Then, rinse with clear water, and let it air dry completely.

Overfill The Hole With Caulk And Sand The Edges

Once you have cleaned the siding around the hole, it is time to fill it with siding caulk. You can find this at most home improvement or hardware stores. If you need assistance finding it, ask a representative for their best recommendation.

After loading the tube into a caulking gun, place the tip directly into the hole, and fill it with the caulk until you see it spilling out. You should overfill the hole not only to ensure full coverage, but also to leave enough on the outside area of the siding to create a protective barrier.

Once you have overfilled the hole, let the caulk dry and set up according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, fold a sheet of 1000-grit sandpaper into quarters, and gently sand any rough edges on the surface of the dried caulk.

As you reach the outer edges, lightly feather them down so that the patch's surface resembles a slight dome. This curvature helps keep water from pooling on the patch, which could break it down due to too much moisture.

Using the above tips can help you successfully repair small holes in your house's vinyl siding. However, if you find more extensive damage than you previously thought existed, you may want to contact a siding contractor to discuss your options for either repairing or replacing your home's siding.

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