How To Have A One Hundred Year Roof

Your new clay tile roof could potentially last nearly 100 years and be the last roof you put on your home. Especially by performing a few maintenance tasks to keep the roof in good repair, your clay roof will protect your home for decades. Here are some of the tasks you can do to make sure you get a long life from this new roof.

1. Keep the roof clean.

Sweep or wash debris off of your roof whenever you spot it. Don't let debris collect on the roof, as it will prevent water from running off of the tiles. When water is allowed to sit on a clay roof, algae can settle onto the tiles. These plants send tiny roots down into the clay, causing it to crack and leak. If you spot algae growing on the roof, clean the affected tiles as follows:

  1. Mix chlorine and water in equal parts in a household sprayer.
  2. Soak the tiles well that have signs of algae.
  3. Allow the mixture to sit on the tiles for several minutes.
  4. Use a soft brush to scrub the tiles. Make sure to get into the edges between the tiles.
  5. Rinse the tiles off with fresh water from your garden hose or a power washer.

When using a power washer, rinse the tiles from the top to the bottom edge of the roof. Be careful not to point the nozzle up at the tiles or you may force them up off of the roof.

2. Quickly repair cracked tiles.

Any clay tiles with cracks are potential roof leaks. Patch these tiles as soon as you find them before they let water under the roof.

  1. Brush any loose material out of the crack in the tile.
  2. Using a tube of silicone sealer, fill the crack completely.
  3. Wipe any sealer off of the surface of the tile and you won't notice the repair from the ground.

3. Replace broken tiles immediately.

A broken tile may have already started a roof leak. These tiles can't be patched and must be replaced. This must be done carefully so as not to crack any of the adjoining tiles. If you're uncomfortable with this task, have one of the local roofing contractors replace the broken tiles for you. Here are the steps if you want to try to replace the broken tile yourself.

  1. Break up the rest of the tile into small pieces and remove them from the roof.
  2. Remove the nails that held the tile onto the roof. These will be under the tile that overlapped the broken tile.
  3. Push the new tile under the overlapping tile and mark where the new tile extends out from under the tile.
  4. Brush any dust or loose material from the surface of the new tile.
  5. Spread roof sealer onto the surface of the new tile where it is covered by the overlapping tile.
  6. Place a bead of roof sealer on the edges of the new tile that rest on the tile below it.
  7. Place the new tile under the overlapping tile until it is lined up with the other tiles in the row.
  8. Push the edges of the new tile down onto the tile below it to get a good seal.
  9. Wipe any excess sealer off of the surface of the new tile and any tiles around it.

When done carefully, you won't spot the repair from the ground.

For more info and assistance with repair or tile replacement, contact your local roofing contractors.

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