Important Springtime Gutter Maintenance Steps

If you are a homeowner, taking care of the gutter system on the exterior of your home is important in directing water away from your foundation. Gutter maintenance steps should be done every spring as ice and snow buildup can compromise the stability and continuance of gutter functions. The following steps can be done as part of your annual roof maintenance process. Here are some steps to take in keeping your gutter system in the best of shape simply by doing simple maintenance steps in the springtime.

Clean Out The Gutter System

When the ice and snow has thawed, get up on a ladder to take a look inside your gutters. Any debris present should be removed so water will not pool up. Pooling water can cause damage to the gutter itself or it can push water underneath the bottom layer of shingles of the roof, causing unnecessary leaking as a result.

Put on a pair of work gloves and scoop out any matter in the gutters into a bucket for disposal in a wooded area. Scrub down the interiors of the gutters using a mild detergent and non-abrasive sponge. The result will be a clear path for water to drain toward the downspout and into the yard. Check the downspout for any obstructions at this time by placing a running garden hose into the gutter. If water pools once again, use a plumber's snake to remove any embedded debris from the downspout.

Check The Gutters For Damage

When the gutters are clean, they will be ready for inspection for damage as there is no longer debris blocking the view. Any spots where there are rips or holes will need to be fixed so water is once again contained in the gutter. Caulk works well at patching small areas of damage. Simply squeeze it over the damaged spot, spreading it in place so it seals the edges of the void. For larger spots of damage, cement pieces of flashing in the interior of the gutter over the areas in question. Big rips will necessitate replacing the entire portion of broken gutter.

Realign Gutters That Are Uneven

If portions of the gutter system appear to be pulling away from the side of the home, they can be readjusted with help from gutter brackets. These are easily attached to the home with the use of screws. Remove the gutters before adding additional brackets. Make sure the fascia brackets are placed at an even interval from each other and reset the gutters into them so they are once again stable. 

If you need more information or assistance, don't hesitate to contact a roofing company like Greenbrier Roofing.

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