Three Durable Roofing Solutions For Homes In Storm Prone Areas

If you live in an area that is prone to storm activity, you may want to consider investing in something a little more durable than conventional shingles. You can choose from many different materials, such as asphalt shingles with a higher rating for wind speeds. You can also have metal roofing installed on your home, which will also give your home protection for fire and lightening. Here are some of the durable roofing materials to consider for homes in areas that are prone to severe weather:

1. Asphalt Shingles With A Higher Wind Speed Rating

If you are considering asphalt shingles because they are an affordable option, pay attention to the rating for wind speeds. With shingles, this information if often marked on the bundle with the guarantee. Usually, architectural shingles will have a high rating and a longer life span. They are also a better looking material, which can give your home more of an authentic shake look. The texture of architectural shingles can also help to hide imperfections in the roof structure, so you will not see budges or bumps in your roof that look out of place.

2.Durable Synthetic Roofing Materials For More Storm Protection

Many synthetic materials are also available today. These materials can be composites that are used to give your home the look of authentic shake materials. They can also be synthetic slate materials, which are durable and less costly than real slate tiles. With synthetic roofing materials, you will also have a roofing solution that is more resistant to storm damage, including damage from hail. This roofing also has a longer life than conventional asphalt shingles.

3. Metal Roofing To Give Protection From Storms And Fire Hazards

Metal roofing is one of the best choices for homes in areas with high storm activity. It is a material that is resistant to wind and hail damage. It is also a very durable material that will last for decades without ever needing to be replaced. In addition to protection from storms, metal roofing also has one of the highest fire ratings and can give your home protection from lightening and wildfires.

These are some of the materials that you may want to consider for your home if you live in a storm prone area. If you are ready to have your roof replaced, contact a roofing contractor such as Rainy Day Exteriors and talk with them about using these materials on your home.

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