5 Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Redone

Roofs withstand a great deal of wear and tear, as they are the largest part of your home that is directly exposed to the weather. As a result, over time the materials used to protect your roof and home can begin to break down and become damaged, which means that water and cold air can seep into your home, increasing energy bills and the likelihood of rot and mildew growth. Understanding the warning signs that your roof is beginning to reach the end of its lifespan can help reduce these risks.

Roofing Warning Signs

Plant Growth: Any signs of mass moss, mold, mildew, or algae growth on your roof is a cause for concern. These plants can eat away at the materials on your roof and spread into your home, where they can pose a serious health hazard. Small amounts of plant growth can be dealt with by hand using various chemical solutions, but if they have begun to seriously degrade the integrity of your shingles, you'll need to have your roof redone.

Sagging: A dip or sagging section of the roof is a clear sign that there is an immediate issue. Sagging can be caused by structural damage to your roof, and it allows water to pool in the damaged area. This places more stress on the already damaged structure, and can lead to a roofing collapse and allow water to easily seep into your home.

Granules: If you notice sand like black granules in your gutter system, it is a sign that your shingles should be replaced, as they are wearing away. These granules will grow larger in both size and quantity over time due to exposure, and the shingles on your roof will curl and break apart, opening up avenues into your home.

Light: Get into the attic or the crawl space of your home and look up at the roof. Any light that shines through indicates an area that needs to be repaired immediately, because if light can get through, so can water.

Water Damage: Check inside your home, especially in the attic. If there are any signs of blistering paint, mold growth, discoloration, or any other symptoms that could be explained by water exposure, there may be a leak in your home. The seriousness of the leak largely depends on the seriousness of the symptom, so you should get on the roof and physically examine its integrity. For further assistance, contact a local roofing contractor, such as one from http://www.dixielandofal.com

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