How Problems With Your Residential Roofing Can Affect Other Major Household Systems

Leaks in your residential roofing can impact other household systems. It is very important to get your roof fixed as soon as possible to avoid having additional repairs with the affected systems. Here is how problems with your home's roof affect everything else.   

Electrical Systems Are in Trouble

One sure-fire way to spot the seriousness of a roof leak is the impact it has on your ceiling lights. If you have ceiling lights located close to a leak, you will discover that the lights only work part of the time or not at all. This is due to the fact that the excess moisture is causing the electrical wiring to short out and continued "shorting out" can actually cause a fire to any dry materials close by. In essence, water damage and a leaky roof could lead to a house fire because of the faulty and affected wiring. When you finally do get the water damage and leaky roof fixed, you will have to have an electrician fix the wiring in that area too.

Insulation Breaks Down

Your home's insulation is its protection against wind, cold and excessive heat. A leaky roof causes the insulation to become saturated and ineffective, which leads to higher heating and cooling bills. Eventually, the mold and mildew that collects in the affected insulation causes it to break down and become a soupy mess. Now you not only have to clear away the water damage and repair the roof, but you also have to remove all of this insulation and replace it with fresh insulation so that your home's heating and cooling systems can continue to do their jobs effectively.

Structural Wood Rot

Unless your home is made of brick, a leaky roof also affects the structural wood components of your house. The wood becomes wet, warped and/or rotted, none of which you want. If the wood is wet, it is open to mold and mildew growth, which requires a specialist to remove and repair. If it dries out and does not become full of mold and mildew, it can warp, altering the shape of your roof and affected walls, causing them to bow and the plaster and paint to crack. Finally, dry wood rot occurs in hotter climes within the U.S., causing your home's structural wood components to snap like twigs, crumble under the weight and pressure on top of it and potentially leave your home open to fire.

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