Preparing Your Roof For Autumn

In autumn, the trees may turn very beautiful as they change colors, but the changes of fall also bring about additional roof maintenance requirements. Roof maintenance is especially important if you live in a wooded area. With a thorough inspection, you can determine whether you will need a roofing contractor to visit.

Clean the Gutters

Before winter arrives, it is time to look at your roof and gutter to make sure that there aren't a lot of leaves, twigs, rocks, and dirt. When the gutters are clogged, not only will this potentially cause leaks on your roof, but you may also see ice dams form as the water that accumulates on the roof freezes. This can damage your roof.

Get Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are not designed to save you from ever cleaning your gutters again. However, they can reduce the risk that your gutters become clogged. Regardless of how small the openings for the gutters, small debris may still find its way inside.

Prune Your trees

Fall is a good time to prune your trees, especially if there are some trees with branches that are scratching against your roof. Pruning tree branches will also reduce the number of leaves dropped onto your roof that might end up in your gutters.

Inspect the Underside of the Roof

Inspect the underside of the roof for damage. Any damage to this area could provide an easy entryway for pests. Look for cracked caulk, worn rubber boots around vent pipes, or masses of moss and lichen. You should contact a roofing company to have any damage repaired.

Look at Your Chimney

Inspect your chimney for any sign of cracks or splits. Chimneys that are severely cracked can collapse, which can cause damage to your roof. If you have missing mortar joints, you may need to have your entire chimney replaced. Also, vents and stacks might need to be tightened.

Inspect the Ceiling

Inspect the ceiling tiles indoors for signs of discoloration, which can indicate a leak. Leaks that appear small can become much more significant when your roof is covered with snow. Any cracks will indicate that the roof tile needs to be replaced.

If you have a metal roof, it is especially important to have it inspected before winter. Metal roofs may show signs of rusting or blistering. Consider hiring a roofing company to have the roof repaired before winter arrives. Otherwise, your roof is much more likely to leak in the winter.

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