What Are The Best Roofing Materials For A Butterfly Roof?

Ultra-modern architecture brought butterfly roofs into popularity. A butterfly roof has two roofing sections that slope steeply downwards in the middle so that the roof resembles a butterfly in flight. The style has visual interest but also poses some complications during a roofing project.

If you are considering new materials for the butterfly roof on your home and business, here are a few options you can discuss with your roofing company.

Standing-Seam Metal

Standing-seam metal is one of the best choices for a butterfly roof due to its waterproofing abilities. The material gets its name from the fact that two long segments of metal are snapped together, which forms a raised seam between the segments. The seams and valleys help form an excellent drainage route for water coming down the slanted roofing.

Metal roofing is durable and fairly weather resistant. Though the metal can be fabricated to resemble higher end shingles, the result still isn't one of the most visually interesting available. But the shingles of a butterfly roof are barely visible from the street so practicality might overrule appearance in this case.  

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is another waterproofing assistant that would work well on a butterfly roof.  The rubber is also energy efficient, which can help cut down on heating and cooling costs, and often made of recycled materials for an eco-friendly roofing solution.

The rubber material is fairly durable and easy for most home or business owners to repair in case of minor damage. You will need to find a qualified rubber roofing installer in your area to make sure the material is applied correctly. Incorrect installation can result in tears or perforations in the rubber that will ruin the waterproofing aspect. For that same reason, you don't want to choose rubber if a chimney, satellite dish, or other appliance needs to fasten down to your roof through the roofing material.

Slate Roofing  

If you want to choose a roofing option more visually appealing than metal or rubber, slate roofing might be a good choice for your roof. Slate has a natural beauty and installation method that allows for water to still flow easily between the shingles and over the flat surfaces.

Slate is durable and low maintenance, but repairs are more costly and require professional assistance unlike rubber. The shingles themselves are also among the most expensive roofing materials around so you need to weigh whether the appearance is worth the cost when the butterfly shape of your roof will largely hide the shingles.

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