3 Reasons You Shouldn'T Install Your Own Vinyl Siding

As a new homeowner, it can be easy to get carried away with do-it-yourself projects. After planting a few flowers and installing a kitchen backsplash, you might feel like you can fix anything—provided you have enough time and money for the project. Unfortunately, some home repairs should be left to the experts. Here are three reasons you shouldn't install your own vinyl siding, and what might happen if you try:

1: Installation Mistakes Can Cause Damage

Nailing vinyl planks to the side of your wrapped house might seem easy, but making a few mistakes along the way might cause permanent damage. Most people don't realize it, but siding expands and contracts whenever the temperature changes. If you install planks too tightly against your home, the panels can pull against the nails, creating bent, warped panels. Vinyl siding also needs to be slightly overlapped, or gaps can form between the planks as the panels move slightly.

Supply mistakes can create another world of issues. If you use the wrong nails or connection strips, you might end up with large holes through the side of your home or uneven, disconnected panels. If planks are installed unevenly, your home's exterior might look slightly crooked, which can disrupt your curb appeal.

2: Falling Is The Leading Cause of Homeowner Injury

Sure, you might feel comfortable standing on your roof, but installing vinyl planks might add another dimension of difficulty. You might find yourself standing on ladders, shaping vinyl strips, and trying to secure them tightly around roof flashing and windowpanes. If you are startled along the way, you might find yourself falling from your roof—which can be extremely dangerous.

In fact, falling is the leading cause of homeowner injury in the United States, causing approximately 6,000 deaths each and every year. However, professionals work with heights each and every day, so that they know how to avoid the inherent dangers of working with siding.

3: Purchasing Tools Can Be Expensive

It might seem cheaper to install your own siding, but have you calculated the cost of the tools that you will need to do the job? Unless you want to invest in an air compressor, a nail gun, and a nice ladder, that job might take forever. Also, unless you plan to use those tools again in the future, you might find yourself storing expensive tools in your home or garage. To keep expenses to a minimum, work with a professional who can use the right tools, and then take them with them when they leave.

By working with a professional siding installer, you might be able to save time, money, and a boatload of frustration. To learn more, contact a business like Lassiter Roofing Team.

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