Three Simple Steps to Prepare for the Arrival of a Roofing Crew

If you've booked a roofing crew to visit your home and make repairs, a little preparation ahead of time can reduce the duration of the roofing crew's visit and might save you money. While you can't specifically get started on the roofing job yourself, you can help to prepare the area around your home so that the crew can get down to business right away. Here are three steps to perform before the roofing crew arrives at your home.

Relocate Obstacles in Your Yard

One of the first priorities of the roofing crew upon arriving at your home will be to remove any obstacles that are in the way, but you can get a head start by doing this job on the crew's behalf. The roofers will need to place a couple extension ladders against the edge of your roof, so make sure there is ample space to do so. This means removing any items that are in the way, such as bicycles, garden planters, and your garbage pails. You don't have to necessarily remove large, awkward items, as the crew will be able to work around these. The main priority is to ensure there's enough space to place a ladder at several locations along the sides of your home.

Cut the Grass

Cutting the grass is a simple preparatory step you can get done in the few days before the roofing crew arrives. This step isn't about making it easier for the crew to work—unless your grass is out of control—but will, instead, help the crew's clean-up effort. Roofing jobs involve the use of a countless number of roofing nails, some of which will inevitably fall to the ground below. In short grass, the roofing crew will have an easier time picking up any errant nails after the completion of the job. By mowing the lawn, you're not only helping the crew, but reducing the chance of a future injury to your family or pet.

Trim Back Tree Branches

If you've been eyeing up some long tree branches that have grown to the point that they're in contact with your roof, now's the time to remove them. Tree branches of this nature can be disruptive to the roofing crew and even dangerous. And if they're in the way, the crew might have to take time to trim them before beginning the job itself. Branches can also be detrimental to the health of your roof, so ensuring the surrounding trees are trimmed properly is always a smart decision.

Consider taking these steps to make your roof repair as smooth as possible.

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