How To Maintain Wood Soffit And Fascia

Rooflines are very important when it comes to the overall look of the roof (and entire house, for that matter). The most visible part of the most rooflines is the soffit and fascia. The fascia board is the board that faces outward (it is the most noticeable) while the soffit is the board that runs along the underside of the roof overhang. These boards are usually made out of wood and they are vital structures for the roof drainage systems because most gutters are attached to the underside of the soffit. They are very susceptible to fading from the sun and swelling from water damage. This is why it is important to learn how to maintain and repair damaged wooden soffit and fascia boards.

First Step: Sanding and Patching

Sanding is an essential step if the wood is swollen, scratched or warped from water damage. You need to sand the swollen area to make it flat and easier to paint. However, sanding will often open up the grains of wood that have expanded and separated due to the water damage.

Second Step: Patching

You will then need to patch the wood with exterior wood putty. This will fill in the cracks and seal the wood. Use a putty knife to spread the patch all over the grains. You will also want to fill any existing holes or gouges in the boards.

Then, you will need to re-sand the patch after it dries. You want to sand with a power sander so you can flatten and smooth out the dried patch.

Third Step: Priming and Painting

Next, you need to prime and paint over the sanded area. Primer goes on first and seals the wood to protect against water and termites. Multiple coats of primer will add more protection. Finally, you just need to paint the boards once the primer dries (you will need to wait a full day). When painting the soffit and fascia boards, you should use a roller. To make sure you don't have problems with the new paint matching the old paint, you should paint the entire board, and not just the patched part.

Regularly painting your soffit and fascia boards will ensure that they are resistant to fading, water damage and termite infestation. The sooner you make these repairs, the quicker and easier the job will be. For professional help, call a company like Drey Roofing.

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